Health innovation

“The worst form of inequality to try to make unequal things equal”


Innovator, advisor and researcher in the broad field of healthcare.


Just imagine a donut: such a circle of sticky dough with a hole in the middle. For me, the hole in the middle represents the space for innovation in healthcare. My strength is working together on connections and solutions that matter to vulnerable people.

“What matters to them”

My philosophy is to treat cases as they differ and work on equal outcomes, being “What matters” to patient and family. How are laws and regulations serving here? What does this demand from patients, professionals, organizations and society?

Integrated care

My ambition is to teach organizations and professionals to use the space in the middle of the donut. How can you connect the system world and the patient world of experience, and work together to achieve the best outcomes for the patient, appropriate to his of her life?

Children’s palliative care

Children’s palliative care has a major impact on all those involved, the sick child, family, friends, neighbours, school and the rest of the environment. Specific attention is needed so that the child and family can count on adequate and expert care and support that contributes to the quality of life.

PhD research
How control plays a role in the interaction between the professional and the family with a medical care-intensive child in order to achieve better outcomes.


Stephanie Vallianatos

Since 1991 I am standing with my feet in the clay of the broad field of healthcare. From district nurse I developed to become an innovator and project leader. In recent years, my focus switched more and more to advice and research. Driven by the fact that innovations really stick, I want to deepen the connection between practice and science.

With me, clients get a person who gets things done. My strength is that from a discovering nature I contribute to the creation of creative connections and innovative solutions.

Innovator, advisor and researcher in the broad field of healthcare.

“My dream is a better world for vulnerable people. My ambition is coming to creative connections and innovative solutions together with others.”

Stephanie Vallianatos



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