Since 1991 I am standing with my feet in the clay of the broad field of healthcare. From district nurse I developed to become an innovator and project leader. In recent years, my focus switched more and more to advice and research. Driven by the fact that innovations really stick, I want to deepen the connection between practice and science.



Innovator, advisor, researcher, PhD
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Expertise areas:

“What matters to them”, integrated care, children’s palliative care

Stephanie Vallianatos, born in Rotterdam, the Netherlands 21th april 1966, is an innovator, advisor, and researcher in the broad field of healthcare.

Stephanie is trained as a nurse and started working in 1991 as a district nurse for the home care as well as for the consultation office for parents from newborns to 4-year old’s. In 1993 she started to study nursing management and at the same time worked as a care manager in the home care. In that period, she led several innovation projects especially with the focus on the development of childcare in the home situation. In 2003 she started to study the master Healthcare management, in 2004 she graduated on the subject entrepreneurship in the transition of care for the elderly.

In 2006 she decided to start her own business as an innovator and project leader to focus fully on quality improvement in healthcare with focus on patient’s perspective. Her portfolio contains various innovation projects in the social domain with regard to youth care, social support and homecare.

¬†At the same time, she became involved in a network aimed at improving palliative care for children. In 2007 she was one of the founders of the PAL Foundation, Palliative care for children. Since then she has been working on the development of a nationwide structure for expert children’s palliative care.

Since 2018, Stephanie has been projectleader for We’ll see you. The mission of We’ll see you is to¬†improve the quality of life for families with a child with very severe mental and multiple disabilities. We are building a Knowledge Centre for awareness, knowledge, support and initiation of appropriate solutions for these families.

Furthermore, Stephanie is, together with Loes van Weert, founder of the Niamh Foundation. Niamh stimulates the growth and empowerment of vulnerable (young) women.

In recent years Stephanie focused her work more on advice and research. In 2017, parallel to her work, she started a PhD research about ‘How control plays a role in the interaction between the care professional and the family with a medical care-intensive child in order to achieve better outcomes’.

Stephanie get things done. Her strength is that she contributes from a discovering nature to the creation of creative connections and innovative solutions.


Academic: Master Health care management, Erasmus School of Health Policy and Management (MSc 2004)
Post University: Nursing management, University of Rotterdam (diploma 1995)
University: Nursing, University of Rotterdam (diploma 1991)
High school: VWO (diploma 1985)

Innovator, advisor and researcher in the broad field of healthcare.